#015 – Restoring the Fokker Super Universal CF-AAM aircraft to her halcyon days.

 In today’s podcast with Donna Clayson, we learn about a research project she complied discussing the dedicated team of pilots, engineers, historians and many others behind the scenes who worked diligently for 18 years restoring one of the first aircraft to serve in the Yukon.  The rebirth of the Fokker Super Universal CF-AAM became a labour of love to the dedicated restoration crew who then had the pleasure of flying her to numerous airshows throughout Canada and the United States. 

 CF-AAM is now on display at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg Manitoba where she receives the admiration of all who come to visit her. She’s a true Yukon “gold nugget” from the early years of aviation in the territory, as well as a testament to the grit, determination, passion and skill needed by the men and women who took it upon themselves to preserve and honour one of Canada’s most iconic Yukon bush planes. 

This 7 part video series was produced by Clark Seaborn and Garth Pritchard and is currently posted on Youtube’s Northern ROV channel. I’m currently unable to contact any of the producers or host of this documentary series and will continue to search out the producers/host to ask for permission to display their work.

However, this 7 part series is one of the most detailed and complete documentations of the Fokker Super Universal CF-AAM and hopefully the producers will allow their work to be displayed on this website.

If you the reader, have any information on how I could contact the people involved in this video series, please contact me asap so I can reach out to the show’s producers to be granted their permission. Thanks