#017 – Piecing Together Yukon’s Rocky History – An Interview with Head Yukon Surficial Geologist, Jeff Bond.

 In today’s interview with Jeff Bond, we discuss the adventures, challenges, and changes in the field of Surficial Geology and how recent scientific analysis techniques have aided Yukon’s mineral exploration industry.

Britton Ridge Tors_2008_photo by Lesley Dampier

 Jeff’s lifelong learning mindset and commitment to the field of geology has served him well. From his curious beginnings as a youth interested in basic rock exploration in the Okotoks area of Alberta, to the wildlands of Canada’s northernmost territory, he’s been able to take his interest in geomorphology and cleave it into a fulfilling career of adventure and exploration. 

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 As the head Surficial Geologist for the Yukon Geological Survey, Jeff has had the opportunity to explore regions of the territory that most people will rarely be able to access. No stranger to the outdoors and the risk/rewards that go with it, Jeff has taken it upon himself to formulate many a plan that would get him into the most remote areas of the Yukon.  By accessing areas by water, hiking and air travel, he’s collected years of data in vast portions of the territory that are sometimes accompanied with the occasional ice water capsize, helicopter rescue, and random wildlife encounter. 

Thawing out a Gold Rush era ladder
Klutlan Ice Forest_2007
Finding Mammoths_1994_photo by Rene Barendregt
Jeff with Nansen Gold_Dustin Rainey photo
Heli-supported canoe fieldwork in the Pelly Mountains

Klutlan Outwash Fountain

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Cosmo dating with Dr. Brent Ward